Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Remember those cramped photo booths you used to jam into with your friends at movie theaters? You would make four rounds of funny faces and a thin print out of your photos would develop instantly. Well, those photo booths have gotten quite the upgrade since you were fifteen. Most of them can switch between color photos and black and white prints, change the background via a green screen and even record video. Today, they’re a huge hit at weddings, holidays, prom, and birthday parties. Brainstorm fun photo booth prop ideas so that every picture comes out hilarious.

Why Use Photo Booths?

Every photo taken in the photo booth will print instantly for the subject of the picture. Plus, whoever owns or rents the photo booth will get copies of the pictures, too. As long as there’s enough ink and photo paper, the photo booth will shoot out unlimited prints and, just like with the old booths, you’ll get multiple shots on one strip. Photo booths can even take the place of a photographer at some events and you won’t have to carry your camera around to make sure you get shots of everyone. If you have a list of photo booth prop ideas, you can stock your booth ahead of time and ensure hilarious, unforgettable pictures.

DIY Photobooth

If you don’t have the resources to buy or rent a photo booth, you can make your own. Designate a photo area in front of a white wall or put up a white sheet for the background. Set up a digital camera on a tripod and ask people to keep an eye on it. You can even hire someone to take all the photos so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your camera. The more space you have for the photo area, the more photo booth props your guests can use.

DIY Photobooth Props

There are tons of fun and funny photo booth prop ideas to choose from. Place a small chalkboard and chalk in the booth so that people can write messages and include them in the photo. Put a basket filled with fake mustaches, wigs, hats, costume beads and sunglasses outside of the photo booth. One of the best photo booth prop ideas is to have large, empty frames that people can hold in front of them to frame their face for the photo.

If you’re going to purchase a photo booth instead of creating your own, you have two options: you can either buy one to own or you can rent one for your party. If you rent a photo booth, you may get lucky enough to have a person from the company come to the party to work the booth. They’ll be available if the booth runs out of photo paper or unexpectedly breaks down. Head to a wedding expo to give a photo booth a try. Many photographers and even DJ companies have a photo booth as part of their wedding package and you’ll be able to try one out before you rent it.