Photo Booth Props:
Ideas, Tips, and More

Ask any person what the best thing about photo booths is and expect to hear one thing mentioned over and over and over again: photo booth props.

These things can really spice up any photo booth photo and highlight the fact that you are having a lot of fun. You are probably already aware of the fact that when it comes to taking photos, you can either be serious or wacky.

Well, nothing can highlight the fact that you are being wacky more than the use of as many photo props as you desire.

Types Of Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props

A typical photo booth will have the usual set of fun photo booth props that many people will find useful when they are looking to have their picture taken in the photo booth. What kinds of props are available for photo booths? For many photo booths, wedding photo booth props are quite common. This set often comes with things like a wedding gown, a veil, and a bouquet for the would-be bride; while the would-be groom can use a tuxedo with matching neck tie. You can even hold up accessories like wedding invitations or a couple of toy pigeons.

Wedding Photo Booth Props

Here are a few more examples of common photo booth props:

  • Pirates
  • Parties
  • Cartoon characters
  • Animals

DIY Photo Booth Props

In case you can’t find any of the default photo booth props appealing or suiting to your taste, then you can always try out DIY photo booth props. These are props that you can decide to make on your own, and you are free to design them however you like. Some examples of good DIY photo booth props would be some custom-made masks, colorful wigs and hats, and fake mustaches, which you can put up right in front of your face as you pose for the photo booth camera. Using these kinds of do-it-yourself props means that you can make faces, and dress in character, as weird as you want to look in your photos from the photo booth. You can find DIY photo booth tips and photo booth prop ideas on the Internet.

Fun Photo Booth Props

Another great advantage of photo booth props is that you can combine as many as you like. For instance, you can have a photo booth that has both wedding props as well as beach outfit props. You can go ahead and take a sunny hat and sunglasses, then pair them with a wedding gown to look very fabulous. There are many different ways to have fun with photo booth props, and the only limit is your imagination.